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Do I need to complete a freight broker’s set up packet every time Otomatic Dispatching Service gives me a freight load?

No. We will fill out all packets for you. When you set up service with us you will provide us with your MC#, copy of insurance, complete W-9 and a dispatch authorization form that will give Otomatic Dispatching Service the authorization to fill any freight broker’s set up packet for you and accept any freight load you agree to take on your name.

Who do you do business with and how do you get loads?

We only accept freight loads from reputable freight brokers that we know pay correctly. At Otomatic Dispatching Service we get freight loads from 11 different load boards. We have numerous freight Brokers that steadily call us offering us their freight loads to our truck base. They’ve realized that by proposing their freight loads to our Owner Operators base they receive professional service and more importantly they avoid putting their loads on load boards and wait for an unknown carrier to call them.

What do you need from me in order to begin work?

We need three things from you:

A copy of your proof of insurance.
Your W-9.
Your MC authority paper.
Service agreement filled and signed. This is a form where you agree to do business with Otomatic Dispatching Service. (It means that we didn’t take your MC# and just starting taking loads on your name). This is NOT A CONTRACT.
Dispatch authorization form filled and signed. In this form you authorize Otomatic Dispatching Service to accept freight loads for you, fill out broker’s set up packets for you and sign Load confirmations and contact your insurance company for every load. It is like a power of attorney where you authorize to book loads for you in your name and you don’t have to fill out any paper work.
A filled and signed credit/debit card authorization form. Where you authorized Otomatic Dispatching Service to charge you for services rendered.

Can I reject a freight load you offer me?

Of course, you may not be interested in every freight load that our truck dispatchers find for you, and if there is a freight load that does not match your necessities, just say no to us, plain and simple. Your truck dispatch will keep on looking for a freight load that suits you, until he/she finds you one that you like.

Who creates the invoice for the load and how fast do I get paid?

If you chose our Full Service Package (6.9% of the load) Otomatic Dispatching Service takes care of invoicing the brokers and follow your payment status until you receive it straight on your bank acount, check on the mail or through a comcheck express code. All freight brokers or freight shippers will pay you directly, how fast you get paid depends on them.

Do I need to fill out any contracts to use your service?

No. There are no contracts to fill out with Otomatic Dispatching Service; we only need the five items mentioned above in order to begin working. You can cancel our services any time just call us and tell us that you don’t want to use our service anymore and we will erase all your information from our database.

Do you work in specific arears or you cover all 48 states?

Yes we cover all 48 states, you can call our independent truck dispatch for a load from anywhere, your house, your yard, the place where you delivered your last load or a truck stop. It doesn’t matter.

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